Laramie, Wyoming


Well Im always a bit ambitous when I think about doing a road trip.  Cedar Rapids to Laramie was 12 hours (Could have done in 11.5 hours but stopped in Nebraska at the outlets….and bought a Kate Spade bag…really broke up the drive a bit.!!!   Thankfully, I planned on staying a full day in Laramie to see Weston.  I met his girlfriend, Lisa — in the picture above.  I made them pose…they do not hang on one another like that!    Tomorrow I head out on the next leg… Salt Lake City.   Just got back tonight from taking Weston and Ketch to dinner for Sushi…..we ordered full dinner, plus a sushi roll, plus appetizers…no one will starve.  We walked in to restaurant and it was overcast and  dark skies….when we walked out….blowing snow!  That is snow on my windshield and on the baskeball arena.  It was high 40’s today and no snow on the ground, and then this blew in.  It should be all gone by my drive tomorrow MOM!   Weston saw his advisor today…looks like he will graduate 5 years and a quarter!!  Good god!   He needs some “capstone” class for his major and its not offered at all next year.  He couldn’t take the class this year as you needed 48 hours of upper division classes in your major and he didn’t have the hours yet.    I kinda freaked out a bit but he seems fine with it and really, REAL LIFE isn’t that exciting…stay in school!  — ok that was too much detail but trying to process it myself.  





Help me!



So this is what I’m dealing with! This lovely Fitz and Floyd Vase (circa 1987 – a wedding gift), was all wrapped up and in the basement. This is where I put it with some other lovely “collectibles” that I couldn’t quite get rid of but surely didn’t want to display!!!  (Jutta is thinking how lucky she was NOT to recieve this and Teri is thinking “white elephant”).  Bill , in his excitement to make the basement his office/activity room/tea room, opened this box of gems. HE thought he had hit the motherload and brought this upstairs.  He thought I had missed some rare antiquity and put it on the kitchen counter so we could “display” it.  It has now been hidden.  He also thinks we must hang every picture….no matter that none fit this house.  The basement is going to look like one of those ABC Stores, with shit everywhere– all mismatched. Bill thinks he is some kind of rare collector of ….something……  I will pretend we dont’ have a basement.


Here is what I love about Cedar Rapids: 

Lots of squirrels, my yard has become overrun with activity….probably because I feed them everyday.  Birds, literally there were a dozen Robins on my lawn yesterday….would that be a flock?  A group of Crows is a “murder”….what constitutes a flock vs a murder? Cedar Rapids was named 30th best place to live in 2014.  #1 was Palo Alto,#2 was Boulder,  but number 29 was Anaheim ,so not sure how much stock I put into it now! (  Also big on the news here: Parking Rates are going up on long and short term parking at the Airport….Long Term goes from $5 to $6 a day…..Short Term goes from $7 to $9 a day…… Makes me laugh!

And lastly today in my full and robust life….my thougths on TV.  Besides the fact that I love it, but how can anyone watch the LONG ISLAND MEDIUM and not cry.??!!!   do you feel me?  (If you don’t know what this is….Teresa is a medium and channels dead relatives….so good and believable….I see my brother Jason shaking is head right now at me!!)   Scandal and Good Wife….they are killing off main characters and its so good!  Jason: I am reading a book: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  Good story, review later when I finish….thank you Mary Strock .   Oh and one more thing:  tomorrow I am heading west…..first stop Laramie Wyoming!  To see and feed Weston and hopefully Ketch and meet the gal Weston is “dating”…..can’t believe I said “gal”…I embarrass myself, am I 80?   I will try and post pictures on Thursday.

Vaya con Dios~ 

Good Friends!

Good Friends!

Thank you Liz for this amazing quilt!! Morgan had a billion sorority t-shirts so I asked Liz to make her a quilt. It had to have taken so many hours of work, although I wouldn’t know since I did NOTHING! It looks great and Morgan was so surprised when I sent it to her. I owe you!


Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement….You would be excellent wives for Bill….all he wants is a cheerleader who thinks EVERYTHING he does and says is FANTASTIC!  Clearly,I am falling short .  But here is the best thing, he has NO CLUE Im writing this blog.  One day I’m going to be in big trouble!  Bygones.

Not much to report here, except weather has been dreary last few days…and still cold, but it does look sunny today for the first day of spring!  Besides that and the fact that I just realized I have been talking to myself A LOT! Getting out of the car at Target the other day (Target the new COSTCO), and some guy busted me mumbling to myself.  I am spending way to much time by myself as I keep myself company with my own personal witty banter. I’m a Loser!

Lets talk about Facebook for a moment.  Many of my friends don’t have Facebook and I say GOOD FOR YOU! You don’t have the stalker/spy qualities I possess…..and that’s a good thing.  My point is everyone uses Facebook differently…….I personally love the ” watch my dive, watch my dive” or “look at me, look at me”  posts….and you know the people I’m talking about.  And if you are even remotely questioning whether this is you….IT PROBABLY IS!   The following link points this out perfectly and with humor and PICTURES!…hits the nail on the head:  I really love this site.  I have no idea who these two guys are but they are spot on with all their insights!

well I’m off to start my day….ate 2 muffins this am.  Diet is going well! Recipe, so you can be fat too, is now on the food tab.   Bill told me last night my hands looked old.  WTF do I do about that??….Im hoping if I just put on some lotion the problem will be solved.  Doubt it.

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I have finally done it, with encouragement from Susan and Linda and Ann (sending me the Iowagirleats blog- her brothers gives tips on how to start a blog) and so many others, I have started a blog.   The hardest part of this is navigating and understanding how to set this page up.  This is a freebie but there are more advanced blogs with templates that you have to pay for and then do you want to buy a domain name?  WTF…..let me just write and see where this goes .  I feel I will need to take a class or do a ton of reading on the subject.   Sadly, I have the time.   I now will try and be disciplined and post on Tuesday and Thursday.  The advice for a successful blog was to set a schedule and stick to it.  I thought  Monday, Wednesday , Friday was too aggressive a move at first and too much pressure!!

So Welcome!  I hope to archivally (is that a word? spell check says “NO”) post some of my past emails about this current move and some of the more “entertaining” emails from my days in Dallas.  My muse Bill is such a colorful person to write about.  Speaking of Bill, he does not find me very supportive of his entrepreneurial ideas, well that would probably cover most of his thoughts too.   He went off on where the power cord should be attached on most laptops….currently on the side of the laptop.  He finds the back  would be best, and he went on and on about the reasons why to me.  As a sidenote; I did not solicit any of this information.   I said “I’m sure there is a reason why it’s not there”.  That was NOT the correct response, he asked why I can’t just say “WOW BILL, that’s a great idea!” and then told me I wasnt supportive.   Clearly he is looking to be married to a cheerleader without a brain or voicebox.  Crazy always wins!

If you can’t make it better, you can laugh at it. ~ Erma Bombeck