Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement….You would be excellent wives for Bill….all he wants is a cheerleader who thinks EVERYTHING he does and says is FANTASTIC!  Clearly,I am falling short .  But here is the best thing, he has NO CLUE Im writing this blog.  One day I’m going to be in big trouble!  Bygones.

Not much to report here, except weather has been dreary last few days…and still cold, but it does look sunny today for the first day of spring!  Besides that and the fact that I just realized I have been talking to myself A LOT! Getting out of the car at Target the other day (Target the new COSTCO), and some guy busted me mumbling to myself.  I am spending way to much time by myself as I keep myself company with my own personal witty banter. I’m a Loser!

Lets talk about Facebook for a moment.  Many of my friends don’t have Facebook and I say GOOD FOR YOU! You don’t have the stalker/spy qualities I possess…..and that’s a good thing.  My point is everyone uses Facebook differently…….I personally love the ” watch my dive, watch my dive” or “look at me, look at me”  posts….and you know the people I’m talking about.  And if you are even remotely questioning whether this is you….IT PROBABLY IS!   The following link points this out perfectly and with humor and PICTURES!…hits the nail on the head:  I really love this site.  I have no idea who these two guys are but they are spot on with all their insights!

well I’m off to start my day….ate 2 muffins this am.  Diet is going well! Recipe, so you can be fat too, is now on the food tab.   Bill told me last night my hands looked old.  WTF do I do about that??….Im hoping if I just put on some lotion the problem will be solved.  Doubt it.


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