Help me!



So this is what I’m dealing with! This lovely Fitz and Floyd Vase (circa 1987 – a wedding gift), was all wrapped up and in the basement. This is where I put it with some other lovely “collectibles” that I couldn’t quite get rid of but surely didn’t want to display!!!  (Jutta is thinking how lucky she was NOT to recieve this and Teri is thinking “white elephant”).  Bill , in his excitement to make the basement his office/activity room/tea room, opened this box of gems. HE thought he had hit the motherload and brought this upstairs.  He thought I had missed some rare antiquity and put it on the kitchen counter so we could “display” it.  It has now been hidden.  He also thinks we must hang every picture….no matter that none fit this house.  The basement is going to look like one of those ABC Stores, with shit everywhere– all mismatched. Bill thinks he is some kind of rare collector of ….something……  I will pretend we dont’ have a basement.


Here is what I love about Cedar Rapids: 

Lots of squirrels, my yard has become overrun with activity….probably because I feed them everyday.  Birds, literally there were a dozen Robins on my lawn yesterday….would that be a flock?  A group of Crows is a “murder”….what constitutes a flock vs a murder? Cedar Rapids was named 30th best place to live in 2014.  #1 was Palo Alto,#2 was Boulder,  but number 29 was Anaheim ,so not sure how much stock I put into it now! (  Also big on the news here: Parking Rates are going up on long and short term parking at the Airport….Long Term goes from $5 to $6 a day…..Short Term goes from $7 to $9 a day…… Makes me laugh!

And lastly today in my full and robust life….my thougths on TV.  Besides the fact that I love it, but how can anyone watch the LONG ISLAND MEDIUM and not cry.??!!!   do you feel me?  (If you don’t know what this is….Teresa is a medium and channels dead relatives….so good and believable….I see my brother Jason shaking is head right now at me!!)   Scandal and Good Wife….they are killing off main characters and its so good!  Jason: I am reading a book: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  Good story, review later when I finish….thank you Mary Strock .   Oh and one more thing:  tomorrow I am heading west…..first stop Laramie Wyoming!  To see and feed Weston and hopefully Ketch and meet the gal Weston is “dating”…..can’t believe I said “gal”…I embarrass myself, am I 80?   I will try and post pictures on Thursday.

Vaya con Dios~ 


5 thoughts on “Help me!

  1. Lovely bird!!!!! You will probably see lots of different birds. I bought one of those laminated sheets at B & N when we moved here. I really liked the goldfinch. can be a hard read at times. Hope the people that owned the house before you planted lots of spring bulbs for tulips crocus, hyacinth, daffodils. if not, that will give you something to do next fall. also, you can pick out your seeds, etc. For your victory garden……not before Mother’s Day cuz they can freeze. Don’t you love all this info. have a good time with Weston. He you like his “gal”.


  2. my mom had a bunch of stuff like that, i think it was called lladro…and she’s 92 so you’re a late bloomer in the statue department. Where are those statues now, you ask??? Ummm…. Goldfinch is very good agree with Nancy^, the middle part is ick but worth getting through. xoxox to Weston and his ‘lady friend.’

  3. Thank you for the giggles this morning! Have a great time visiting Wyoming:)Come visit Encinitas after your trip to The Bay Area. We can have a book club discussion on The Goldfinch! Also, you can talk to Mike Connelly about birds in Iowa–he talks about them all the time on FB! Missing you…

  4. Josh, where have you been hiding that fabulous vase? WOW!!! You CANNOT LET BILL decorate! Weston’s gal is cute, they both have great smiles.

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