Laramie, Wyoming


Well Im always a bit ambitous when I think about doing a road trip.  Cedar Rapids to Laramie was 12 hours (Could have done in 11.5 hours but stopped in Nebraska at the outlets….and bought a Kate Spade bag…really broke up the drive a bit.!!!   Thankfully, I planned on staying a full day in Laramie to see Weston.  I met his girlfriend, Lisa — in the picture above.  I made them pose…they do not hang on one another like that!    Tomorrow I head out on the next leg… Salt Lake City.   Just got back tonight from taking Weston and Ketch to dinner for Sushi…..we ordered full dinner, plus a sushi roll, plus appetizers…no one will starve.  We walked in to restaurant and it was overcast and  dark skies….when we walked out….blowing snow!  That is snow on my windshield and on the baskeball arena.  It was high 40’s today and no snow on the ground, and then this blew in.  It should be all gone by my drive tomorrow MOM!   Weston saw his advisor today…looks like he will graduate 5 years and a quarter!!  Good god!   He needs some “capstone” class for his major and its not offered at all next year.  He couldn’t take the class this year as you needed 48 hours of upper division classes in your major and he didn’t have the hours yet.    I kinda freaked out a bit but he seems fine with it and really, REAL LIFE isn’t that exciting…stay in school!  — ok that was too much detail but trying to process it myself.  





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