After spending a very cold winter in Iowa, I arrive to California to find myself stuck!  On Saturday, my plan was to drive from Salt Lake City to Folsom California to stay with my friend Cindi.  Unfortunately once I got to the California state line, both HWY 80 and Hwy 50 were closed…well technically not closed but required chains as it was dumping snow.   So as I didn’t have chains, nor did I want to put them on, I decided to stay overnight in Tahoe.   I felt trapped as I really just wanted to get to Cindi’s but stayed in South Shore instead.  Fortunately the next day by 10 am, sun came out and I could get over HWY 50 without chains… When I drove into the Tahoe basin there was only rain (snow at higher elevation)  and absolutely NO snow on the ground.  When I left the next morning it was a different story!  SO WELCOME to CALIFORNIA…the only place I didnt’ figure I would hit weather!

So now I am in Los Altos at my moms.  Check out tomorrow as Im posting some good stuff!ImageImage

My car and Stateline South Shore Lake Tahoe on Sunday morning!


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