Rice a Roni- an open letter to my mother






Dear Mom,

How much Rice a Roni can one person eat!   I have never seen you eat or MAKE Rice a Roni!  Well Clearly you are not eating it, but just collecting it for the pantry.   You actually barely cook, we get take out, which I admire greatly….seriously!  What inspires one to buy this much Rice a Roni?   And given its high sodium content , Im sure its not the best thing for you.  You know I go through your pantry and fridge to check experation dates….mostly for sport now!  I threw out two bags of fridge stuff but then went to start on the pantry and  laughed when I saw this.  WTF?!?!   We already had the talk about Briana’s Poppy Seed Dressing, you had 4 bottles all about to expire, you stated it was on sale.  You do not make that many salads!   You have got to stop buying food like you are feeding 6 people.  I won’t even get started on all the candy and gummy worms in all your cabinets.


xo Josh


3 thoughts on “Rice a Roni- an open letter to my mother

  1. you are a terrible daughter … I was laughing out loud as I was reading this. I actually like the beef rice-a-roni … and you know it won’t go to waste as I can always give it to my birds. And so I forget I don’t have four kids to feed anymore … do the dogs count?

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