Its good and also weird to be home, and by home I mean the house I grew up in.  Los Altos is a beautiful little town just south of Palo Alto, California.  I went to Stanford on Sunday to watch Paige Soenksen (goalie for Girls lacrosse at Univ of Colorado) play Stanford.  Great to see Kathy, Dirk.  Eric Soenksen drove over from CAL to watch his sister play.   There is so much in the bay area to see and do. Lots of things have remained the same and much has changed.  The good thing is the size of the city remains the same but buildings have changed.   Spring is definately here and all the flowers are out…  In Iowa the bulbs are just starting to come out of the ground….so hopefully I will get two springs.  Not sure what day of the week it is most of the time.  Ive been bad at keeping up with my posts – but will try and stay on schedule.   I will see about 6 of my high school friends tonight for happy hour, as many still live in the area.  Liz and I have been hanging out  —and Michelle and I have walked in the hills a couple of times….she is killing me as it was 82 the last time!!  Its so great to see everyone and have TIME to see everyone.   Ive also seen Sally, my college roommate a few times.  Still trying to catch up with a few more.  Yesterday I drove to the Oakland hills and saw my former sister in law, Isabell and her new baby.   I am so happy for her and it was great to catch up.   Ok so that is the boring update.

Bill is arriving on the 23rd and we will stay awhile longer and then drive back to Iowa.  He has really been great about me being here and hanging in there particularly since we just got a HUGE tax bill……there goes any summer vacation!  Since I was in California all last year we had to pay state taxes plus he sold stock to get downpayment for Iowa house….forgot about those ugly capital gains! We will survive.

On  a bright note, my brother Jason is now the next Sanjay Gupta (CNN) or Nancy Sniderman (ABC) medical coorespondent for a local Seattle station, watch the clip : http://www.king5.com/new-day-northwest/Providence-Regional-Cancer-Partnership-253201621.html

He may get more “gigs”(like he is a rock star) in the future.   We need to work on his wrinkled shirt, as I will now be his stylest!

OH and I made this great appetizer that everyone loved (actually many of my Carlsbad friends have had it and its Jeni’s favorite) – its the artichoke goat cheese bite.  I will have to make it again and take pics and post to recipes–   my mother got sick eating so many of them.  Clearly she liked them…..OH my sister is coming next weekend…Ill make them for her.   


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. say hi to Los Altos for me :-(…if you guys walk in the hills again, walk by Miranda Way off West Fremont and wave at my old house. I’m so glad you are there with your mom, it’s so important xoxo

    • I will try and drive by……Also the entire Sears center –(San Antonio and El Camino) is revamped….no Sears anymore but multi use – apartment homes and shopping and some great new restaurants! Downtown Los Altos looks similar but Safeway is being revamped and all of First Street….lots of new reastaurants….taking advantage of good food while I can!

  2. Go stop at my Dad’s house and say “hi” to my twins. I bet you are enjoying the warm weather. Wish I had plans to come to Los Altos while you are there, but I can’t.

  3. Loved Jason’s interview. It was great catching up with you Josh. Maybe we will see you at Cal on the 26th for the”Big Game” vs Stanford Kathy

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  4. Love your Blog, Josh! We are missing you around here in Encinitas but this blog helps stay us connected. Thank you! Enjoy time with your mom, family & dear old friends. BTW, I shared your brothers’ clip with my sister, Cathy, a breast cancer survivor & John’s sister, Betsey, currently in treatment for breast cancer. The world is a better place because of the work Jason & others do in this fight against breast cancer! Hooray!!

  5. Fantastic Interview Jason. Too bad he isn’t sharing his talents with the patients in San Diego. We miss you both!! Xoxo

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