Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder


Mom (AKA – the old bat) had cataract surgery on Monday. Everyone said they could see better right away, naturally this is not what is happening in her case.   Vision is still blurry and feels like something in her eye.  Went back for follow up today…and doctor said her vision will get better but her eye is just swollen but will be better soon.   Until then I will be chauffering her around.  After her appointment today, we bought a new sink , faucet and garbage disposal.   Last week we ordered new carpet to be installed.  She  loves it when I do all of this maintenance stuff…..well, really I just spend her money.   While I slave away here caring for the invalid…..what are my siblings doing?   Well Jason just got back from Hawaii and Justin is in Bali!   Jay (Jennifer my sister) she is in Modesto, which is a lot like Bali only  NOT!  Ill give Jay a pass as she is coming this weekend ……..and ……..she has to live in Modesto.  This will all backfire on them when the old bat kicks and I get the house!!!   I am the apple of mom’s eye……see what I did there???  Look at the picture closer!!  I am just too clever today.


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