Expiration Date

Expiration Date

So yesterday’s adventure was looking at expiration dates.   Fig Newtons expired in May of 2013 and the Oreo’s were good until 2012 sometime.  And my mom buys Top Ramen like she is in college and poor.  And who has Progresso soup that expires?  Im pitching everything in this photo as it is WAY past its shelf date.  Thankfully the RIce A Roni was safe!!!

Mom’s vision continues to improve, unfortunately that does not help her hoarding problem.    I am reorganizing her pantry and told her if it doesnt fit in the space I give her – SHE MAY NOT BUY IT!   I had to make 3 shelves just for dog food and treats…She has 4 GIANT bags of Pupperoni – or whatever its called. plus about 5 other kinds of treats too.

Went out with the girls from high school last night again…fun as always. We laugh a lot.  I will try and post pictures from last Thursday’s happy hour…..


securedownload-5 securedownload-6

This poor 28 year old guy and his 23 year old fiance decided to sit at the end of our table.  Big Mistake!  That is his dessert .  We abused them but they were good sports!  Frightening that we all have children (adult children) their age!


4 thoughts on “Expiration Date

  1. Oh my God Josh, if you had any idea how much I can relate to your moms pantry you would crack up. When we go to my moms house we take bets on how old and expired the food is that is in her cupboards! It is amazing!! We have been burned one too many times pulling something out of it to eat and then being “surprised” by what it looks or smells like!!!!

  2. I cannot believe how cruel you are to that poor 100 year old broad.
    She spent half of her life making sure you can take care of yourself and are capable of handling the world and now you just make fun of the poor blind, crippled old person.

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