Short Update

Leaving California tomorrow at 6am….first destination – Salt Lake City.    Mom had her 2nd eye done today and it went well….she will live. Thank you to my dear lifelong friend Liz, who will take her to her eye check up tomorrow.    As I left lowa a month ago, there was cold and snow…as I return there are thunderstorms, downpours and  tornadoes!   So I have downloaded a TORNADO APP on my phone– its my new paranoid app that I will check multiple times a day.   Interesting fact:  If you are driving and see a tornado and can’t get out of your car….do not park under an overpass as could be flying debris an something about back side of the vortex or blah blah blah, ……… should stop in low area if possible, keep seat belt on and keep car running so air bags can deploy if you take flight or are hit.  I had no clue about keeping car running…fascinating really….hope I dont have to  use this factoid.

Thank you to all my fantastic high school girlfriends for the happy hours and dinner party….so fun to see all of you so many times while I was in town.   Ill post a picture from our dinner when I get back to Iowa.  Great seeing Mary and Linda who both cruised through the bay area and stopped to see me. Many thanks to you all ….friends are a wonderful gift.

Bill arrived on Wednesday last week and if for some reason he doesnt make it back to Iowa with me…please consider me the primary suspect. He arrived here forgetting his cell phone charger and his computer charger and without a drivers license as he just applied for an Iowa license and they took his texas license.  AND they still let him on the plane……..TSA just looked at his credit cards and frisked him.  Cedar Rapids airport does not seem too secure right?!?!?!  Im not sure how he dresses himself in the mornings at times.   He really has been great doing odd jobs for my mom.  

I should be back in Iowa on Thursday night so next post will probably be on Friday…with tales from the road. 


3 thoughts on “Short Update

  1. Find the southwest corner of your basement. Tornados come out of the southwest heading northeast. If one comes, head there. If you have time, open a door. If a tornado hits your house, it will come up and over you. Also, an open door allows the pressure to equalize and the house will not explode outwards. We learned that early on when we were kids—-and here I still remember it at my age—-well, we won’t talk about that.


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