Spring in Iowa

Well I’m back in Iowa.   Arrived late last Thursday night after driving 3 days straight.  That is a long ass drive but it was easier on me this way because Bill was driving too.   Got stuck a bit again going back.  200 miles of HWY 80 was closed from Rock Springs Wyoming to Cheyenne.  So Bill, myself , Daisy the dog and a lot of truckers spent some quality time in Rock Springs.  Fortunately we only had to wait about 90 minutes before 80 was open again and we could get on our way.  Wasn’t really snowing much once on the pass in Wyoming but super windy and blowing snow.  The next day when we drove through Nebraska we saw a few large trucks (18 wheelers– that was for Bill–) blown over on the side of the freeway.  When you are trapped in a car for that many hours you discuss many things…one was “why is it called an 18 wheeler” (see the texts below from last week) .  Bill also wanted to know what a ‘hashtag #” really did.    At this point I would like to praise the lord for smart phones and google!  Anyway as I was looking up the info, Bill decides to pass a State Trooper doing 82 in a 75 zone.  He knew it was a trooper but must have thought the speed limit was just a guideline.  So as Im looking down doing my research I hear this siren …I look to my right as we are passing the Trooper , who is looking at Bill with his hand out doing the “WTF” look on his face.  Bill let off the gas and we got behind him.   He no doubt thought we were giant idiots.  No ticket or stopping was involved…thankfully, although Bill still tried to justify his behavior “as he wasn’t going that much over the speed limit”.  

So now I’m here and what a difference a month makes.  Grass is green.  Trees are blooming.  I have clumps and clumps of daffodils in my front yard and a huge blooming magnolia in the back.  It looks like everything will have flowers…even the bushes surrounding my house.  Its all very exciting if you like plants and flowers and incredibly dull if you don’t care.   So many great birds here too….kinda like snokeling in Hawaii vs California-  ok that is a stretch but my point is there are so many colorful birds. I saw 2 Baltimore Oriole’s yesterday which are bright orange, not to mention the Red Cardinals.

Weston arrives here on Saturday…so excited to have him for awhile….hopefully he can find a job.

Lastly today,  my favorite thing:  My Keurig Machine –  how can I love a machine so much?  It makes me so happy.  I love a good K cup.  It was given to me as a gift — I must blame Amy!  She then gave one to Morgan also.   I gave one to my mom for Christmas — which secretly was for me to use when I’m there!  I have given them to a few other friends also.   I just think its the gift that must be paid forward!  It’s an addiction now and I don’t care how much those K Cups cost….its all worth it!

I need to get a life………..


One thought on “Spring in Iowa

  1. Spring in the Midwest is beautiful. A real change of seasons. Our neighbors in your house have a dish of grape jelly on their birdfeeder and have a bunch of goldfinches in the bushes over here. Love it.
    John and Shirley closed on their house today and move in tomorrow.
    Talk about chaos. Today their animals arrived—-three dogs, two BIG dogs and one small—Schwartzie’s cousin— and four cats. OMG.
    No, they are not all staying here. Just the little dog.

    Glad you are back home. The kids drove from Philadelphia to Ssn Diego in 3 1/2 days. That was trucking.

    Take care

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