Mother’s Day

So today we have a humid 75 and thunderstorms… I must have missed spring??!!   Wishing everyone a Happy Mothers day.  This is one of the most important days of the year.  I had to remind Bill of this about 10 years ago when he barely acknowledged the day as he said, “you’re not my mother”.   Mind you, I’m sure I was the one that sent his mother the card and gift.  I screamed at him “It is the only thing I do!!”  Alas, Bill can still be an ass but he no longer minimizes Mother’s Day.  Mission accomplished.     Mothers are the glue that keeps everyone’s lives together.  Mothers are courage under fire. Mother’s are Mama bears when it comes to their children, who will eat anyone alive if you mess with their cubs.   Mothers are cheerleaders. Mother’s are the live in nurse, surgeon, vet and therapist.  We are cook, maid and accountant, gardener.  We are everyone’s personal assistant and scheduler.     It’s that special day in May when EVERYONE can celebrate their mother, because everyone has a mother.    Even if your mother is no longer on this earth you can still honor her today.  Celebrate yourself if you are a mother, alas I am clearly my biggest cheerleader!!!   We are the unpaid and unsung hero’s that take care of all the details of everyone’s life. 


So thank you Mom — for being an awesome example of crazy.  For your courage to divorce after 18 years, going back to work and keeping 4 teenagers together in the house we grew up in.  For allowing me to be a total bitch to you for divorcing because you burst my perfect bubble.  I get it now.   You are my hero and are so much stronger than anyone will ever know…    love – your favorite daughter


PS.. I am a loser and only sent a card.  I hate myself now!


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