Welcome to Bumblefuck

So my frustration today, besides the fact that I think deoderant becomes ineffective after you use the same brand too long, is that I live in the 1800’s here in Cedar Rapids.  My Iphone 5 battery dies in 30 minutes.  ATT, my wireless carrier, can not help as this is an Apple issue.  BUT, there is no APPLE store ANYWHERE near Bubblefuck, AKA: Cedar Rapids.  I called the authorized MAC HQ store in Cedar Rapids and they said the ST. Louis Store should have a replacement for me.  I then reminded him that I also live CEDAR RAPIDS and am no where NEAR St. Louis, MISSOURI!!!  The Cedar Rapids store was not given any replacements as clearly NO ONE HERE HAS EVER HEARD OF A CELL PHONE OR APPLE before!  Good god, there are 100,000 people in Cedar Rapids and some huge companies…get with the times.  My only saving grace is that they are putting in a HOME GOODS which will be done in the fall, now if only we could get a Trader Joes then life would be perfect.

Weston arrived here Saturday evening….it is a delight to have him home!  He likes his room and wondered why he couldn’t have one this big his entire younger years.   I am leaving on Thursday morning for Chicago!  Meeting some of my favorite work pals from Souplantion that will be in town for NRA conference……no they are not gun lovers……..National Restaurant Association.  We have some fun filled activities with the conference that Morgan and I get to piggyback along with too.  Cubbies game and Earth WInd and Fire concert at the House of Blues……..if Susan and I can ever stop talking!!   And as for that Iphone problem, well I have an appointment at the APPLE STORE IN CHICAGO on Friday morning where they will replace my phone.  LAME


One thought on “Welcome to Bumblefuck

  1. Have a great time with Morgan and Susan. Also with your baby chicken in the nest. John and Shirley have a beautiful home with a pool that looks like it came out of Hollywood. I just might get in it—-well, maybe not.

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