Im BAck!

My real life preoccupies me at times and I felt guilty at first not posting but then I got over it.  When a lot is going on I have a hard time focusing on anything really.  Morgan likes to remind me of this as I will ask the same question in a 5 minute span as Im not REALLY listening to the answer…she thinks Im just stroking out!  So I need to work on staying in the moment — the EXACT moment.  I need to really focus on who Im with and not focus on all the little other things….well some things aren’t little….for instance “what will I do when I grow up?”  “What will the next 20 years be like”.   Clearly Im not feeling settled at all right now, maybe because I started counseling last week…which is a good thing.    Anywho…….. my birthday was fun in Chicago…Susan, alas could not make the trip at the last minute,  so I truly missed her.   So great seeing all the other Garden Fresh girls and going to the Earth Wind and Fire concert  together, plus dinners and a Crate and Barrel event and a Cubbies game….way too many open bars and free drinks!     Morgan came home for the Memorial day weekend– so this was the first time all 4 of us were here in the Iowa house together.  We rented a pontoon boat on Sunday… too bad it was a bit chilly but still good to cruise around.  I also made everyone go to a Renaissance Faire on Monday….such an interesting experience….so low budget compared to the huge ones I have attended in Marin county.   A virtual freak show but we loved it for what it was and ofcourse the food!   Weston is still looking for a job but keeps applying so kudos for his perserverance.  I think he is extremely bored but is hanging in there!

e!ImageThis is a fine photo!


2 thoughts on “Im BAck!

  1. Where is the family picture of everyone in Renaissance outfits?! That could have been your Christmas photo! Very disappointing….. 😦

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