Bugs and Adam

Such a nice day….Got to see Adam Witzmann!! He flew into Cedar Rapids for a Wedding this weekend so WEston picked him up and they did breakfast before he went to get his Tux!  He may be staying with us Saturday night also.  Such a great young man and always a delight to have around….to answer all my questions about life!   Think Weston will meet up with some of his friends tonight…which is good so he can meet some locals he own age!  He is getting tired of me being his “best friend”  

Things are growing here on steroids it seems.  Weston cut lawn on Friday last week and it looks like it hasnt been cut in 2 weeks….and there are little gnat like bugs that buzz around always….makes sitting outside almost impossible unless you have mesquito netting.  Hopefully just the time of year as Morgan said she almost had to pull over driving home as her windshield was completely covered in bugs….but hit a downpour that cleaned it off.  Weston has been hired as the lawn man at this time….still looking for a real job!

AS for Bill, …. his blackberry died and he has decided on an Iphone.   He is the last man in the world to get an Iphone but you would think he was the first person on the planet to have one.  Thankfully both kids were home to counsel him on how to do EvERYTHING – only you couldn’t TOUCH his phone just had to TELL him how to do it.  This is virtually impossible when you are working with the SMARTEST man in the world….who has big fingers, NO LISTENING SKILLS and no patience!   Then we all had to be impressed when he got all his Contacts on his phone…literally a 2 hour process.   Bill is the sun and everyone must spin in his orbit….NOT!


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