Another day in Iowa






photo 1 photo 2

Things are status quo here.  Weston is still applying for jobs but thinks he will now head back to Wyoming soon as there is work there for him. I have hired  him to do  the lawns.  Grass grows at least 5 inches a week, but to find out we are doing a science test this week and measuring it. Yes, life is a hoot here!  The bugs are so bad now that Weston wears ski goggles to mow!   He has been great about being home and I love having him but Im sure he is going crazy having  me as his “best friend”..   We are doing some fun things….just to make it more tolerable for him…and me.  We went fishing yesterday…caught nothing, but had fun tooling around the lake in a small motor boat.

We are heading to Chicago on Friday (My Iphone is repaired and ready to be picked up at Apple on Michigan Ave).   Weston hasnt been yet so I hope he enjoys it….He will enjoy the food!

Hope everyone is well


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