More Bugs

Here’s everyone’s favorite subject:  Bill and his first world problems.   

Besides his adapting to the Iphone, the bugs are getting to him.  He has this massive bullet hole (bug bite) smack dab in the middle of his forehead.  Weston called him Raj Gupta and started talking to him in an Indian accent the other day….yes very stereotypical but hysterical when Weston does an accent.   Bill was complaining that everyone at work was staring at him. My guess is no one is really staring that much or actually cares that much, just Bills inflated ego.   The real problem was not that he just let it alone…..he tried to pick it like a zit , so it is huge and inflammed.  Then yesterday, I mistakenly mentioned a small bruise on his bicep ….above it was a bug bite .  Turns out he thinks now he either has lyme disease (rogue tick LEAPED up his arm) or West Nile Virus (mesquito).  Oh the Drama!   I also have bites on my chest and ears and ankles….but alas I am a mortal human.  Bill is special and deserves WHO or the CDC  to check into his issues!  

Enjoy your weekend….I will be bug and Bill free in Chicago!


One thought on “More Bugs

  1. While I don’t want to encourage Bill to think he may have monkey pox, I would recommend watching the bites for infections etc. A couple of years ago Tom got a spider bite (we think it was a spider) that went septic — we caught it early & his doctor hit with it big meds, so no damage was done. We are now diligent to watch little bites for red lines, heat etc.

    Get out that bug spray!

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