I Have Risen from……..somewhere

I am back, forgot the password and everything for this site as its been 10 months since I have written.  It is actually eery….is there spell check on this thing…..FOUND it and I did spell “eery” correctly according to my computer.  Anyway what is eery is that the last time I wrote I think I was in Iowa or just left and now I am back in Iowa.  I am only here for about 2 more weeks as I am cleaning up the broken shards of glass from my life and hoping I don’t get cut while doing it!  See what I did there?

In another post I will give more details but right now I just feel like telling you some of the things that have encrouched my mind over the last 10 months.   Hold on scholars, these are deep.

1. Why does deoderant stop working after awhile?  Is it just me? I changed brands but still didn’t feel it was that effective. This is not to say I am particularly stinky or sweaty , as anyone who know me, knows I don’t like to sweat.  So I have now been using the “clinical” deoderant and I will say it is very effective.  Just saying…….if you have this issue, go Clinical Strength.

2. Hairspray — WHAT???  why do I not  use it regularly? It is awesome and really cuts the frizzies down.

3. Bras…..do they have a shelf life?  I have my favorite brand, but after awhile they seem to lose their effectiveness and holding power.  I have probably 6 bras in the “rotation”  but they arent cheap and hate paying for them.  Seems like 3-4  months is the max life.  Ok maybe this was TMI!

4. Cooking — why am I so uninspired sometimes?  And there are weeks where everything I make tastes  “MEH”. I actually love the word or sound “meh”, Morgan is the one that turned me on to it.  Its just a word that is so discriptive.

5. Speaking of words , here are some words for your lexicon.  Yes , I said lexicon so look it up.!   These are more urban dictionary words but need to keep all my old friends updated. My friend Amy and Sally and myself have discussed these. BUTTER FACE — a woman/girl that has a hot body but terrible face (everything but her face) — ok is it derogatory but it is so clever and I love clever.  FLEEK — on point (eyebrows on fleek)  – such a weird word and who makes this shit up?  These are the only two I can think of right now

Well that’s all of my current thoughts, you’d think there would be more given 10 months , there are but not worthy of such a public forum.


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