A Little Art History

photo (11)On Saturday, Bill and I went to the Cedar Rapids Art Museum, a quick 10 minute drive from our house.  I didn’t know they had an art museum in Cedar Rapids until I drove by it!  Eureka, some culture! The Famous painting above is called American Gothic, by Grant Wood (named for the american gothic house in the background). The people in the photo were to represent a farmer and his daughter, but in actuality the models were his sister and his dentist.   Grant Wood, the artist was born and raised in Iowa, so he is quite the celebrity here…well he is dead ,but at one time he was.   I actually took this picture at the Chicago Instituted of Art back in February.  They own this painting.  The museum here had a few lesser known paintings of Grant Wood.  We also got a tour of the house where Grant Wood painted many of his famous works, which was 3 blocks away.  Our Docent was 1000 years old and walked like it.  Here is a few tidbits that I picked up on, but if you want more info,  look him up….I like to read between the lines:   He died at 50 of pancreatic cancer (I had to ask).  He was married at 44 for only 3 years to a woman who was previously divorced. ( again I had to ask if he was married)  His Mother and Sister lived with Grant for most of his life.  Some say he was shy, I think he was gay.  I have no issue with it but I’m sure it was a difficult life in the 30’s living in the midwest. He traveled and studied quite a bit in Paris and Germany.   But that wasn’t all regarding the Cedar Rapids Art Museum.  The Cedar Rapids public library possesses an extraordinary collection of original children’s book illustrations. These were also on display at the museum.  In the 50’s they had a librarian, Evelyn Zerzanek, who asked children’s book authors and illustrators to donate a work for the children of Cedar Rapids.  They have art from Madeline, Curious George, Dr Suess, and work from the Hungry Caterpillar artist and Where the Wild things are…..I cant remember the names so I’m not very helpful but it was pretty impressive and completely unexpected.

On to more uncultured items:

To my friend Paula:  Thank you for “nagging” me to start writing again so you know what I’m doing.  I’m sure you are sorry now or at least you think your life looks better!  I hope to see you soon!

Here is something I’m a bit embarrassed to mention, but must so I can overcome my addiction.  I have a problem with Candy Crush.  I realized as I have reached level 770 that there are no more levels yet on my phone.   But fortunately or unfortunately I usually do my candy crushing on my computer….it’s a bigger brighter picture!   I’m happy to report I do have one other girlfriend that is well into the 800’s so I’m not an island.   Morgan also tells me I’m the only person in the world (this may be an exaggeration on my part) that looks at Instagram on my computer.  AGAIN, I can see the pictures better as its a BIG screen.  I am not an ant!  Although if I was an ant my phone would be more the size of a drive in movie screen.   I should just stop thinking.

And lastly today, just to balance this drivel (it’s a WORD, look it up!)  I must mention something about Bill and his weird , quirky logic. Maybe there is no logic. When I arrived, the refrigerator was stocked with Kirkland brand Slim Shakes.  Bill will eat 1/2 bag of chips, candy , cookies and then down a Slim Shake ….all this 30 mins before dinner is ready.   I don’t want to burst his bubble but I think this defeats the purpose of the Slim Shake.  He did pour one the other day and I noticed it was Chocolate .  So now I think he possibly thinks this is a low-calorie milk shake….all the fun with a fewer calories.   I just need to let this go.  As I have told many of you my mantra for 2015 comes from this polish proverb:  Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys…….so Im sticking to that!


One thought on “A Little Art History

  1. Love reading your blog and your funny sense of humor. Keep it coming Josh. You are a good writer. I think I will put you together with Gabrielle as she wants to go into creative writing and is taking her second class in it.

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