After much nagging (disguised as encouragment)…..the most loving kind, I have FINALLY made a blog with all my exciting insights and life lessons……most are extremely boring and mundane. I try to find humor in everything…..otherwise I would be crazy, or at least more crazier than I already am…..is that a proper sentence?   Regardless, I hope you find this site entertaining at best.  I have created a FOOD tab and a PLACES tab…..(tab is no doubt the wrong word for this) FOOD will be all my favorite recipes, all which I have made at some point.   PLACES is about the interesting cities/places Ive been to….it was much too ambitious to call that section TRAVEL, as I am by no means a world traveler…..that is what my siblings do best…..more on THAT at a later date. I could be bitter.   Some of these Places are so out of the way or just laughable but worth a stop.


About me:  Wasnt that the point of this page?

I was raised in California, the bay area, but the last 15 years have lived in San Diego County.  There have been a few hiccups – which I may go into later, but lived briefly in Dallas, and moved  to beautiful Cedar Rapids , Iowa  in January 2014 for the BEST WINTER IN HISTORY!    So now you see why I have time to write this blog……..

I have always thought I should be a counselor or Dear Abby, one with no formal psych degree…..Im that GOOD!  The good news is I do have a degree but not as a psycho therapist….but I dont need one.  I would be Erma Bombeck and Irma Kurtz all rolled into one.


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