Im BAck!

My real life preoccupies me at times and I felt guilty at first not posting but then I got over it.  When a lot is going on I have a hard time focusing on anything really.  Morgan likes to remind me of this as I will ask the same question in a 5 minute span as Im not REALLY listening to the answer…she thinks Im just stroking out!  So I need to work on staying in the moment — the EXACT moment.  I need to really focus on who Im with and not focus on all the little other things….well some things aren’t little….for instance “what will I do when I grow up?”  “What will the next 20 years be like”.   Clearly Im not feeling settled at all right now, maybe because I started counseling last week…which is a good thing.    Anywho…….. my birthday was fun in Chicago…Susan, alas could not make the trip at the last minute,  so I truly missed her.   So great seeing all the other Garden Fresh girls and going to the Earth Wind and Fire concert  together, plus dinners and a Crate and Barrel event and a Cubbies game….way too many open bars and free drinks!     Morgan came home for the Memorial day weekend– so this was the first time all 4 of us were here in the Iowa house together.  We rented a pontoon boat on Sunday… too bad it was a bit chilly but still good to cruise around.  I also made everyone go to a Renaissance Faire on Monday….such an interesting experience….so low budget compared to the huge ones I have attended in Marin county.   A virtual freak show but we loved it for what it was and ofcourse the food!   Weston is still looking for a job but keeps applying so kudos for his perserverance.  I think he is extremely bored but is hanging in there!

e!ImageThis is a fine photo!


Welcome to Bumblefuck

So my frustration today, besides the fact that I think deoderant becomes ineffective after you use the same brand too long, is that I live in the 1800’s here in Cedar Rapids.  My Iphone 5 battery dies in 30 minutes.  ATT, my wireless carrier, can not help as this is an Apple issue.  BUT, there is no APPLE store ANYWHERE near Bubblefuck, AKA: Cedar Rapids.  I called the authorized MAC HQ store in Cedar Rapids and they said the ST. Louis Store should have a replacement for me.  I then reminded him that I also live CEDAR RAPIDS and am no where NEAR St. Louis, MISSOURI!!!  The Cedar Rapids store was not given any replacements as clearly NO ONE HERE HAS EVER HEARD OF A CELL PHONE OR APPLE before!  Good god, there are 100,000 people in Cedar Rapids and some huge companies…get with the times.  My only saving grace is that they are putting in a HOME GOODS which will be done in the fall, now if only we could get a Trader Joes then life would be perfect.

Weston arrived here Saturday evening….it is a delight to have him home!  He likes his room and wondered why he couldn’t have one this big his entire younger years.   I am leaving on Thursday morning for Chicago!  Meeting some of my favorite work pals from Souplantion that will be in town for NRA conference……no they are not gun lovers……..National Restaurant Association.  We have some fun filled activities with the conference that Morgan and I get to piggyback along with too.  Cubbies game and Earth WInd and Fire concert at the House of Blues……..if Susan and I can ever stop talking!!   And as for that Iphone problem, well I have an appointment at the APPLE STORE IN CHICAGO on Friday morning where they will replace my phone.  LAME

Mother’s Day

So today we have a humid 75 and thunderstorms… I must have missed spring??!!   Wishing everyone a Happy Mothers day.  This is one of the most important days of the year.  I had to remind Bill of this about 10 years ago when he barely acknowledged the day as he said, “you’re not my mother”.   Mind you, I’m sure I was the one that sent his mother the card and gift.  I screamed at him “It is the only thing I do!!”  Alas, Bill can still be an ass but he no longer minimizes Mother’s Day.  Mission accomplished.     Mothers are the glue that keeps everyone’s lives together.  Mothers are courage under fire. Mother’s are Mama bears when it comes to their children, who will eat anyone alive if you mess with their cubs.   Mothers are cheerleaders. Mother’s are the live in nurse, surgeon, vet and therapist.  We are cook, maid and accountant, gardener.  We are everyone’s personal assistant and scheduler.     It’s that special day in May when EVERYONE can celebrate their mother, because everyone has a mother.    Even if your mother is no longer on this earth you can still honor her today.  Celebrate yourself if you are a mother, alas I am clearly my biggest cheerleader!!!   We are the unpaid and unsung hero’s that take care of all the details of everyone’s life. 


So thank you Mom — for being an awesome example of crazy.  For your courage to divorce after 18 years, going back to work and keeping 4 teenagers together in the house we grew up in.  For allowing me to be a total bitch to you for divorcing because you burst my perfect bubble.  I get it now.   You are my hero and are so much stronger than anyone will ever know…    love – your favorite daughter


PS.. I am a loser and only sent a card.  I hate myself now!

Spring in Iowa

Well I’m back in Iowa.   Arrived late last Thursday night after driving 3 days straight.  That is a long ass drive but it was easier on me this way because Bill was driving too.   Got stuck a bit again going back.  200 miles of HWY 80 was closed from Rock Springs Wyoming to Cheyenne.  So Bill, myself , Daisy the dog and a lot of truckers spent some quality time in Rock Springs.  Fortunately we only had to wait about 90 minutes before 80 was open again and we could get on our way.  Wasn’t really snowing much once on the pass in Wyoming but super windy and blowing snow.  The next day when we drove through Nebraska we saw a few large trucks (18 wheelers– that was for Bill–) blown over on the side of the freeway.  When you are trapped in a car for that many hours you discuss many things…one was “why is it called an 18 wheeler” (see the texts below from last week) .  Bill also wanted to know what a ‘hashtag #” really did.    At this point I would like to praise the lord for smart phones and google!  Anyway as I was looking up the info, Bill decides to pass a State Trooper doing 82 in a 75 zone.  He knew it was a trooper but must have thought the speed limit was just a guideline.  So as Im looking down doing my research I hear this siren …I look to my right as we are passing the Trooper , who is looking at Bill with his hand out doing the “WTF” look on his face.  Bill let off the gas and we got behind him.   He no doubt thought we were giant idiots.  No ticket or stopping was involved…thankfully, although Bill still tried to justify his behavior “as he wasn’t going that much over the speed limit”.  

So now I’m here and what a difference a month makes.  Grass is green.  Trees are blooming.  I have clumps and clumps of daffodils in my front yard and a huge blooming magnolia in the back.  It looks like everything will have flowers…even the bushes surrounding my house.  Its all very exciting if you like plants and flowers and incredibly dull if you don’t care.   So many great birds here too….kinda like snokeling in Hawaii vs California-  ok that is a stretch but my point is there are so many colorful birds. I saw 2 Baltimore Oriole’s yesterday which are bright orange, not to mention the Red Cardinals.

Weston arrives here on Saturday…so excited to have him for awhile….hopefully he can find a job.

Lastly today,  my favorite thing:  My Keurig Machine –  how can I love a machine so much?  It makes me so happy.  I love a good K cup.  It was given to me as a gift — I must blame Amy!  She then gave one to Morgan also.   I gave one to my mom for Christmas — which secretly was for me to use when I’m there!  I have given them to a few other friends also.   I just think its the gift that must be paid forward!  It’s an addiction now and I don’t care how much those K Cups cost….its all worth it!

I need to get a life………..

Short Update

Leaving California tomorrow at 6am….first destination – Salt Lake City.    Mom had her 2nd eye done today and it went well….she will live. Thank you to my dear lifelong friend Liz, who will take her to her eye check up tomorrow.    As I left lowa a month ago, there was cold and snow…as I return there are thunderstorms, downpours and  tornadoes!   So I have downloaded a TORNADO APP on my phone– its my new paranoid app that I will check multiple times a day.   Interesting fact:  If you are driving and see a tornado and can’t get out of your car….do not park under an overpass as could be flying debris an something about back side of the vortex or blah blah blah, ……… should stop in low area if possible, keep seat belt on and keep car running so air bags can deploy if you take flight or are hit.  I had no clue about keeping car running…fascinating really….hope I dont have to  use this factoid.

Thank you to all my fantastic high school girlfriends for the happy hours and dinner party….so fun to see all of you so many times while I was in town.   Ill post a picture from our dinner when I get back to Iowa.  Great seeing Mary and Linda who both cruised through the bay area and stopped to see me. Many thanks to you all ….friends are a wonderful gift.

Bill arrived on Wednesday last week and if for some reason he doesnt make it back to Iowa with me…please consider me the primary suspect. He arrived here forgetting his cell phone charger and his computer charger and without a drivers license as he just applied for an Iowa license and they took his texas license.  AND they still let him on the plane……..TSA just looked at his credit cards and frisked him.  Cedar Rapids airport does not seem too secure right?!?!?!  Im not sure how he dresses himself in the mornings at times.   He really has been great doing odd jobs for my mom.  

I should be back in Iowa on Thursday night so next post will probably be on Friday…with tales from the road. 


Well today was long….carpet at my mom’s was installed today….from 10 am – 7pm…two guys…long day.   It looks good.  I saw Mary Nyeholt yesterday…we had a sleep over!  She was passing through so great to see her.  Linda Alspaugh is stopping by tomorrow.  So nice to see my Carlsbad friends in Los Altos.  Bill arrived last night – in classic form of course.  He arrived at 10 pm . I texted him to meet me on the departure side as its always less crowded and I don’t have to keep circling. Well I wait…no text.  He doesn’t answer his phone. 20 minutes later I  finally decide to circle around and take a run at the packed arrival side…AND THERE HE IS!   Moron!  Naturally his phone is dead.  AND the kicker is he didn’t bring a charger for his phone or computer! He is the worst child I have ever owned.

I recently read a really good article on Happiness and here is what I learned:

Good news and bad news: unfortunately, approximately 50 percent of your happiness, your “happiness set-point,” is determined by personality traits that are largely hereditary. Half of how happy you feel is basically outside your control.

So the good news or dare I say, bad news for some of us is that hereditary plays a role in 50 % of our happiness level!  Some people are just doomed is how I read this – but the good news is you can do some things to help yourself achieve more happiness, especially if you are in the genetic dismal mood category – I won’t name any names here!.

MAKE GOOD FRIENDS – well gosh this is a no brainer right?!  How many times have you said “thank god for my friends”.  Friends save you through the tough times not to mention the hysterical laughter at times, which is good for your health.  Make friends outside of work. Make friends at work. Make friends everywhere. Make real friends. There are studies that say people with deep friendships and relationships live longer too.

ACTIVELY EXPRESS THANKFULNESS – Let people know you are thankful of what they do for you.  Don’t be afraid to express your gratitude and let them know how you feel.  It makes the recipient and the giver of thanks feel good.

DO WHAT YOU EXCEL AT AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN – hiking,  painting, surfing, gardening just do it if it makes you happy.  My mom has a friend that paints gourds and now shopping bags.  They are horrible, but she gets great satisfaction doing this so I say…go for it as they do make awesome white elephant gifts!

GIVE – whenever you can.  This can be your time or just a hand up to someone.  It feels good to help someone else and makes you appreciate your life  and how fortunate you are.  I am volunteering at the local hospital when I get back to Cedar Rapids. Sometimes people just want someone who will listen and talk to them….Not everyone has the time but help someone whenever you can.

LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE… Do what you want and live life true to yourself. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.  Do not live your life to someone else’s expectations.  Surround yourself with people who accept you for who you are—the real you.  Tell the truth as the truth really does set you free.  Leave life with no regrets.

I think our young prodigy would benefit from this.  Us old mom’s have learned or know most of this already.  I think it’s best that everyone have balance in their life of work and leisure.  Chasing the dollar is important to most young adults right now but will not ultimately make them happy…finding a balance and having a full life with great relationships will.